Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chris Tomlin

So last night Tim and I had the pleasure of seeing Chris Tomlin and his band perform for the 7th time. You can see pictures and read about a few of our previous experiences here and here. So what started my "love affair" with CT was seeing him in concert at the NC State Fair several years ago (I think it was in 2006). Honestly, before that, I knew who he was and knew his songs that were played on the radio...but other than that, he was like any other Contemporary Christian singer to me. After that first Fair experience I fell in love :) Well, the 5 other concerts between that first Fair experience and last night have all been out of town. Some in Florida, one in Virginia and a few in Western last night it was SO nice to be at home, hop in our car and 10 minutes later be at the concert venue. He came to the State Fair again!!! We were 9 rows back front and center. I can easily say last night was hands down the best concert of his I have ever been to!! He sang some amazing songs--and even two new songs from his album that is coming out in November (that album is going to be awesome if those two songs are any idication) (I already have it pre-ordered).....He did a mini-message which was just amazing! He talked about dancing and raising your hands in worship if The One True God....and dancing because you are SO in love with HIM! He also rattled off versus like nothing. And you know what, CT is funny! He had us cracking up talking about cows at the State Fair :)

One thing that amazes me about CT and his band...well two....the first one is how CT keeps his voice. When he is on tour he is singing pretty much every night! I was horse after last night--I could not imagine night after night of singing. He must do something to keep that throat going strong. Maybe honey or something? The second thing is (and it's like this every time I see him and the band)....they truly and with all their hearts worship the LORD....every song, every time. They close their eyes, raise their hands, jump up and down, cheer......this being something they do every night you would think it would get "old"...but you can see it in their actions and words that they love what they do and you can tell WHO they are doing it for. This is what makes me like and respect them even more as worship leaders.

I could go on and on....they're just an awesome band...

Here are a few cell phone pictures. I didn't bring my camera so I would not be focused on taking lots of pictures and more focused on the worship. It worked :) Enjoy!

This was the very last song. Chris sang "The Heart of Worship" by Matt Redman. It was the perfect way to end the evening. I guess you could say it was the theme of the evening :)

There were names of God scrolling on the screen during the song....again....amazing!


Lisa said...

Emily- so glad you got to see CT again! :) Love your blogging on it!

The Cohen's said...

That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! I bet a night of worship like that is just food for the soul. :)