Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Farmers Market field trip

So today Emma went on her first ever field trip. Her preschool went to the Farmers Market!
First there was the scavenger hunt. Emma was given a piece of paper with 4 colors written on it. She was to find two things in the FM for each color. She did great! Then we went to buy our $1 pumpkin which we gave to Miss Jill and Emma will do something with it in class on Thursday. After that we did class pictures and then a picnic. It was a great day and Emma had a blast!
I have noticed a huge improvement in her shyness since starting preschool. For example, below you will see a picture of Emma with her class. Before preschool there is no way she would let me put her in a group shot like that and step away! Baby steps..... :)

Here she is with some big pumpkins:
Sweet smile in the mums...with her $1 pumpkin:
Emma's sweet class:
The cousins--we were just missing Noah:
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