Sunday, October 10, 2010

Emma and BDNT

~Emma calls the sofa the "snofa"
~When Emma says something and you ask her "why?"...she always repeats the previous statement and then adds "because....." For example: "Emma's pants are itchy". When I say "why?", Emma will say, "Emma's pants are itchy because Emma wants to wear shorts."....It's so cute.
~Emma is 99.9% potty trained. She requests a diaper to poop in and she still sleeps in one...I consider that very good :)
~She will be 3 in a close to a month!
~She is a talker! She talks our ears off and is just so smart
~Preschool is helping with her shyness...she actually waved to a stranger in Lowe's this morning without me prompting her
~She loves: playing outside, dancing, coloring, when Tim and I are both together with her, going for walks, Tinker Bell movies, slides, helping Tim and/or I with whatever we are doing....just to name a few
~She eats very well and will pretty much try anything I give her....although she came home from Mooma's house the other day and said, "Emma no like fish. Fish is YUCKY!" I guess she tried fish
~She mostly talks about herself in the third person--it's cute

I am loving Fall.....although the next few days here are pretty warm....but, I'm loving pumpkins, pecan trees, crunchy leaves on the ground, the darker evenings, the thought of turkey in my tummy soon, mums, the Farmers Market.....and so much more.

This pregnancy is way tougher on me than Emma was. Some contributing factors are probably that I am 3 years older this time around and I have an almost 3 year old to keep up with. Emma has been very gracious in letting me lounge on the "snofa" and playing by herself for a while. Tim has been very gracious in running to the store when I have my craving for a BLT or name it! I am currently 9.2 weeks along with Baby Drew #2 (BDNT)...and I'm about the size now that I was with Emma at 18 weeks. Pretty crazy! I will start some belly shots soon...but not yet. Right now I just look bloated. I am ready for the 2nd trimester BURST of house needs it! I am so in love with this baby in my tummy already...I pray every night for God to protect the baby and help it grow big and strong. My mommy instincts are telling me that BDNT is a boy. I didn't have a feeling with Emma either way, it will be interesting to see what this baby is.

I pray you are having a wonderful fall season!

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