Thursday, November 11, 2010

BDNT 14 week check up

Today I had my 14 week check up. Everything is looking great. I actually had to bring Emma with me because she didn't have school...but that was fine. She got to hear the heart beat and got the biggest smile on her face when she heard it--it was so sweet. They did have to re-do some bloodwork so Emma got to see that too...but she did fine (I'm sure she was happy it was me getting poked with a needle and not her).

So I don't think I have gone into the blood issue on here. I apparently developed it when I gave birth to Emma. Some of her blood mixed with my blood which my blood didn't like. blood developed this e-antigen as a result. So now with this pregnancy my e-antigen antibodies are elevated. They are re-checking my blood to see if either a: it was lab error (which I am praying it was!), b: to see if they are still elevated, or c: to see if they have gone up. If they have stayed the same or gone up they will be referring me to a specialist. I find out this Monday what the results are. I am praying they have completely gone away....God can make that happen :)

On another note...I have been feeling the baby move this week!!! I have always heard you can feel the 2nd one way sooner than the first....and...well, they're right! It is only when I'm sitting in a certain position and usually in the evening. It's just a little tap, tap, tap...but I KNOW it's the baby (and not gas). I think I first felt Emma around 19 weeks or so. I know it was for sure after we found out she was a girl at 18 weeks. Oh...speaking of....our big ultrasound to determine the sex of this baby is scheduled for December 13!! Oh happy day.

Maybe I will take a belly shot tomorrow and post it....maybe....

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