Friday, November 19, 2010

3 year check up~EGD

Emma Grace had her 3 year well toddler check up today. She still hates going to the doctor....but, she didn't cry as much this time. We still love her doctor--the one that took over for Dr. A, Dr. S. She is GREAT with Emma and with me too :) Poor Emma had the works done today. She had her finger pricked (which she didn't cry for!), and had to give a pee sample (fun with a 3 year old!), two vaccines and one flu mist in the nose (which she HATED. I think next time I will just do the shot).....She also stood on the big girl scale for the first time, had her height checked the big girl way for the first time and had her blood pressure taken...such a cute little BP cuff they use :)

3 year stats:
38 lbs. (98%)
38" tall (75%)
she's a square ;)
Look HERE to see her 2 year and 1 year stats.....
As far as 3 year old Emma--she is a delight. She is smart, fun, funny, sweet, caring, kind...I could go on and on. She is very sassy and disobedient when she wants to be but with just a threat of time-out she shapes right up. To this date I can count on one had how many times she has been in time-out. She responds to discipline VERY well. She is doing great in preschool. I've just gotten great reports from her teacher.
She is 99% potty trained. She refuses to poop in the potty--Dr. S gave me a few suggestions on how to work with that. She pretty much skipped 3T clothes and has moved to 4T. She is wearing 8-9 size shoes and hates to wear jackets. She is pretty obsessed with leggings and is very picky about what she wears.
She is our joy and our delight. Our house is brightened with her in it.
We love you, Emma are an amazing girl!

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