Monday, December 20, 2010

It's almost Christmas--Thankful

It's December 20th....that means there are 5 more days until Christmas. I can't believe it. I think I am more excited about Christmas this year than I have been in a long time. A lot of it comes from my little 3 year old Emma Grace who is so excited this year. The past three years she could care less.....not this year! She is all about it--which in turn makes me all about it! She is so adorable doing our advent calendar every morning...counting down the days until all the squares are empty. We got our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving and Emma helped decorate it. I'm usually pretty OCD about even ornament distribution--but not this year. Emma placed the majority of the ornaments within the bottom three feet of the tree and I think it's beautiful. She even put several ornaments on one branch, if it was sturdy enough. I love waking up every morning smelling the tree in the house.

Things I am thankful for this Christmas season:

~the birth of our Savior--to take our sin's away--Jesus Christ~

~a roof over my head~

~itty bitty baby kicks of a healthy baby girl on the way~

~a job~

~my husband and the way he loves us~

~the light of my life, Emma Grace~

~family who cares so much about me and my family~

~Christmas music~

~cinnamon candles~

~my crock pot~

~presents under the tree for Emma on Christmas morning~

~crafting with my mom~

~2011 to start anew~

Often times I dwell on my hardships--easily looking over my blessings...but for Christmas I will chose to ponder on all my blessings and be thankful for all I have. God has provided--and will provide. I'm so thankful for His new mercies every morning.

5 more days...I will soak in every second...after all, next year there will be a squishy 7 month old Molly in the mix!

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