Monday, December 13, 2010

BDNT=Molly Elizabeth

Oh what a wonderful day we have had!!! Today was our BIG ultrasound....I can't stop smiling. I had been counting down the days for weeks and it was finally here!!

Tim and Emma came with me and it was a wonderful experience.

This baby MOVES! I knew SHE did starting around 14 weeks...and she proved her point in the ultrasound today. The ultrasound tech even commented on how feisty this little girl is :) She was constantly moving...and posed very nicely for the tech to get some great pictures.

So we were having the scan done and the tech got most of her measurements and we still didn't know if BDNT was a boy or girl. Well, SHE finally gave the tech the shot she wanted...she said, "do y'all want to know what you're having?" I looked at the screen and didn't see anything there--fully expecting to see a "third" leg....well....NOTHING....I exclaimed, "It's a GIRL!!".....OH that moment will forever be in my heart. The BEST feeling ever :)

I went in knowing this was a ready and much for the mother's intuition. What was right--and what was right for Emma too--was the old wives tale of the high heart rate. Emma and this little girl's HR's were both 169 at my 8 week ultrasound.

And to find out this was a girl brough tears to my eyes. I grew up with two sisters...and we are SO close now. I am so excited to be able to give Emma a sister. Eeekkkkk!

I am praising the Lord for a healthy, wiggly, baby girl........who will be called....Molly Elizabeth

Molly--I just love and Elizabeth--was my middle name before I got married.

She looks like a Molly, doesn't she?


Niki said...

Awe, she is cute already! I love the name! Congrats to you and your family!! Can't wait to meet Miss Molly :)

GinH said...

Yay for another girl!! I went into ours knowing it was a girl and well... not so much! The heart rate was wrong for us though, it was 172 at 9 weeks and has stayed well above 150 the entire time. Last time we checked it at 30w it was 154 so still high for a boy at that stage. Oh well... :) And there is definitely a third part down there! :) Emma will be a great big sister!!

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