Saturday, January 22, 2011

Birthing options

So I didn't have my blog when I was pregnant with Emma...I didn't have a Facebook account either. This time around it has been so fun documenting this pregnancy and updating FB. I started my blog as as way of keeping up with Emma's milestones, archiving pictures, a way to remember things, etc. My mind is so fuzzy about my pregnancy with this is fun.

One of my first blog posts was Emma's birth story. It was the picture perfect, uneventful labor and delivery...besides her being 5 weeks early. No complaints here. So....some of you may wonder...why mess with a good thing. You see, my "plan" this time around is to go med-free for Molly's labor and delivery. With Emma I had the epidural and it was delightful. All I felt was the pressure of a contraction and knew I had to push because the nurse told me to. I guess when I was pregnant with Emma I never discussed my "birth plan" with my doctors (and they never brought up my options to me). I just did what they told me and that was that. Labor, hospital, epidural, peace, delivery....can't walk.....try to nurse a sleepy know, the norm. Maybe if Emma had cooked 5 more weeks I would have thought about it more, but I just went through the motions of a medicated hospital labor and delivery.

This time....maybe because med-free births are becoming more "popular", I have already started looking into my options and plan to go med free at the hospital. I am actually very excited about this and feel very empowered. I have lots of friends who are my "cheerleaders" and they are 95% of the reason I think I can actually do this. At my next OB appointment I will talk to my doctor about my options as far as laboring and pushing positions, i.e. walking, sitting on a ball, on my hands and knees, getting in the shower, sitting on the toilet, etc. I am also hoping to not have any sort of needle stuck into me....I guess I will deal with an "access" point in case of an emergency, but other than that I want to move around as I please. I also plan to talk to the doctor about how long I can keep Molly with me after her birth and before weigh-in, bath, etc. So...I will post on that after my next doctors appointment.

I'm so excited...ready for it to be here...but not ready at all.

I'm 24 weeks this week.
Molly had the hiccups for the first time :) Emma had them all the time and I have been waiting and waiting for the little rhythmic bump, bump, bump...and it finally happened the other night. She must be working on her swallowing. I can't wait to meet her...and I can't wait to see Emma with her.

Oh happy day!


Rene said...

You're an amazing mama and will have an incredible birth because you know so much more this time around! You're advocating for you and your baby! Don't let anyone force you into anything. This is your baby and you have a voice. I'm here for you and am so excited!!!

Lisa said...

Emily, I am so excited for you! Can't wait to meet Molly! I know that you can do this your way! :)

Sara said...

I'm not even sure how I "found" your blog...
But it caught my eye because my 3 year old is named Molly ;)
I love the name...uncommon, but not odd.
Good luck!