Saturday, January 15, 2011

Molly : 23 weeks

Our little Molly is moovin' and groovin'...I had a regular OB check up yesterday and everything looks great. I got to hear that sweet, sweet heart beat, the doc measured my belly (first time doing that), I got to weigh myself (oye) and talked to the doc about going med free for labor and delivery. I asked him how many of their patients go med free and his response was, "do you really want to know?" I said yes....he told me 10% of their patients.

WOW....just 10%...that is such a small number considering I go to a very popular OB practice in a big city. You know what though, that actually gave me MORE motivation to go med free :) The doc was funny...he was explaining to me that they support whatever decision I make and he said, "I'm not the one giving birth so it doesn't matter to me."...that made me giggle. Have I mentioned I LOVE where I go?

Emma's labor and delivery was FAST and she was EARLY. From the very first sign of labor (my water breaking) to Emma being born was just 6 hours. Plus, by the time we got to the hospital and I got my epidural I was already 8 cm dilated (10 to push)...another motivating factor in me going natural.

I'm not sure what to expect with this labor and delivery...I'm sort of banking on it being fast...but I'll take whatever is thrown my way. I feel so much more prepared and informed this time around so I am really looking forward to it!

17-ish more weeks!!

As far as how I'm feeling:
Feeling great
Running out of room to breathe
Eating for two ;) (oye to the weight gain)
Can barely pick Emma up anymore
I can sort of get Molly's schedule (awake times and sleep times)
I'm not sleeping the best, but that's okay

Here is my 23 week belly shot--fuzzy and all

And here's Emma....she insisted I take her picture too :)
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Hilary Mercer said...

Wow! Im only one week ahead of you! Your bump is so cute!