Monday, January 10, 2011

Not exactly Extreme Couponing--but close

So I'm not sure if any of y'all have seen that new show on TLC called Extreme Couponing...but it's fascinating to me! These people live and breathe coupons and save TONS of money. I would not say I'm extreme by any means...but just dipping my toes in and love it so far. I have always tried to clip coupons but they usually end up in my junk drawer and expired--good intentions but I never follow through. Well...I decided to just go for it and boy was it fun. We held on to the weekly ads we got in our mailbox which usually end up in the recycle bin and then we got the paper on Sunday for the coupons. I clipped them yesterday and we headed to the store today. I don't have any sort of fancy binder or anything but just kept my small stack of coupons organized in my hand. Tim and I tried to stick to only the stuff we had coupons for but did end up getting several things without coupons. We did get lots of stuff that we were able to use our in-store savings card for so that helped lots too. After our trip today, though, I have decided to try to never pay full retail for groceries. I did look online and there is lots and lots of web sites out there with free, printable I will be diving into those too.

I'm so excited about this and can see how it can be addicting. There is nothing like seeing the total on your receipt and then seeing how much you saved in coupons, etc. Oh how fun!

Here is a picture of my loot from today...
Our total before coupons was around $140 and we paid around $70 for everything. Not too bad!

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