Monday, April 11, 2011

Trying to catch up...

So I know I have been MIA for a while....and I apologize to my 3 readers out there ;) hee hee...
Who knew being pregnant along with having a 3 year old can keep a person so busy--and tired.

Let's is the Reader's Digest version:

~I am 35.3 weeks pregnant today.

~I have been pregnant with Molly 4 days longer now then I ever was with Emma--strange!

~I have started a new part time job and LOVE it.

~My sister, Bryna, and her family came back to the States after everything in Japan happened. She and Noah are our new neighbors and it's pretty awesome.

~Emma is amazing, sweet, funny, smart, sassy....and on and on. She is so excited about Molly coming. She even makes up songs about her and sings them. Heart melting moment right there. We'll see how much she loves her once Molly takes over Emma's "nest" of a home.

~Did I mention I got a new job and love it? That is totally all God's provision right there and I praise Him every day for it. It's evident the way God is moving in my family's life right now and I am so thankful for it.

~I can't wait to go in to labor! I am so excited for it...

~I am loving the spring weather. I'm glad I'm having Molly soon rather than later. I don't think I could survive a NC summer pregnant. (I feel sorry for my sister who is due in August).

~Emma is almost finished with her first year of preschool and it has done wonders for her shyness. She even tells me after having said "hi" to a stranger, "Mommy, I wasn't shy!". Wow...I can't get over how adorable she is. Her teacher, Miss Jill, is amazing! She has worked so well with Emma this year and has set a pretty high bar as far as my teacher standards go. Since starting preschool, Emma has learned so much. I notice things each and every day that I know she was taught at preschool such as great manners, knowledge of shapes, colors, numbers, etc.--the list goes on.

Ok--that's our life in a nut shell right now. Probably not so exciting to the outside reader...but busy, busy, busy for us. Hopefully I can get one more post in before Molly makes her grand entrance. If not, the next post will be all about Molly's arrival. WOW....I can't believe it's almost time. Here's to a fun, fast, memorable, med-free labor!

*I realize a blog post is no fun without pictures--but my Google storage has run out of space! I need to upgrade. I hope to do that soon...but until then, reading words will have to do*


GinH said...

I hope I will be to a point where I can associate the word 'fun' with labor before the next baby! ;)

Praying for you as the day comes near!

Emily said...

Ginger~you will! I promise...When I saw my sister just after having given birth to Noah (a whole year after I had Emma) the memories of her labor/delivery/recovery came flooding back to me and I almost passed out--literally.