Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Evenings

There is nothing better then a summer evening spent with family. It conjures up childhood memories for me--playing outside until it got dark, my mom yelling for us to come inside, not having school in the morning, drinking from the hose, catching fire-fly's...such good memories!

We spent this past Sunday evening at Tim's parents house (Mooma and Doodad is what they are affectionately called by the grand kids). They live on lots of land with a big garden and pond out back--with lots of space to run and play.

Emma and Christian had lots of fun playing. Emma, being my shy child, has a hard time playing with other kids. But Sunday--she played like a "normal" (I'm not saying she is NOT normal--in fact, I think she is perfect...but you know what I mean) kid. She ran around, got sweaty and red-cheeked, didn't listen to me when I told her to do something, followed Christian all around, went off places (WITHOUT me or Tim) to play, rode tricycles...everything I wish for her! And she survived and had a wonderful time. She didn't want to leave. She and Christian would have these little conversations without any adults interacting. It was SO cute! Christian is Emma's only cousin on Tim's side and my hope is that she and Christian develop a special bond and relationship to last them long after the ones before them are gone.

A good game of corn hole was played as I walked around with Molly strapped to me and snapped some photos. Tim and Bill were even able to "throw in a couple lines" and catch some fish in the pond. I love taking photos of people just living, doing their thing. Not posed or set up...just being. You can capture the most genuine emotions that way--the "real" smiles! I pray to be able to create more memories like this for Emma and Molly and to be able to document more days just like this one.

There was even a golf lesson or two

This is why God gave us family...this is how He created us. To live in community with each other. To love, support and lift each other up. I hope and pray for more days like this day. It pleases God and makes Him smile down on us...see:

And because I can't leave Molly out...here she is enjoying her summer evening too :)

Now...get out there and go drink from the hose and catch you a fire-fly! :)

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