Wednesday, August 17, 2011

~rollin', rollin', rollin'~

Molly will officially be 4 months old in a few days. I wanted to write some of this down because I am having the hardest time remembering these details about Emma. I think I started this blog when Emma was around 5/6 before that I did not keep the best "records"...

Molly has started rolling from tummy to back in the last few days. She is doing GREAT during tummy time. She can get her head up really high and balances on her elbows.

It's adorable. When she gets over far enough on one of her elbows is when she ends up on her back. Her face, when that happens, is so cute! She is startled, surprised, happy, sad....she is just not sure how to react to what just happened--SO cute!! She is seriously the smiley-est baby I have EVER seen. She smiles so much and so big.

She has started coo'ing more and "talking" to us. She makes noises like "en-grrrr", "brrrr" and singing sounds (she really likes to hear herself). She even does this while nursing sometimes. Speaking of nursing--she has started to "mmmmm" (every time she exhales) while nursing. Talk about heart melting! She doesn't do it all the time but occasionally. She even pulls away to give me a quick smile and then gets back to eating. Eeekkk! :) She smiles and gets all giddy when she sees me, Tim or Emma walk in the room. She is also working really hard at sitting up when she is at an inclined position--she's doing little baby crunches. She has also started doing the beginning of raspberries (and spitting all over me). LOVE!

It's these little things I wish I remembered about Emma. I guess I made up for that when I started this blog. The other night I went back in my archives and read about my baby Emma and looked at a few videos. Oh my was she the cutest thing EVER (still is).

LOVE my girls!

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