Sunday, August 28, 2011

Molly : 4 month stats

I took Molly in for her 4 month check up the other day. She is perfect (docs words--not mine). She got two shots in her leg and one oral vaccine. I gave her Tylenol after the shots and she did okay for the first 4 hours after her appointment--but after the medicine got out of her system, boy was she unhappy. She did the same thing after her shots for her 2 month appointment. I guess my baby doesn't like shots--who does, really? I had to bring Emma with me and she asked me probably 352 times if she was going to get any shots and then would follow up that question with "are you sure"...the nurse got a kick out of that. Emma did not like how Molly cried when she got her shots--sweet big sister :) She was a big help.

Here are her official stats:
Weight~17 lbs
Head Circ~41 cm

And to compare, here are Emma's stats when she was 4 months:
Weight~16.10 lbs
Head Circ~39.5 cm

Molly is keeping up the trend of big babies in our house....LOVE it!

We started solids with Emma around 4 months but this time our doc told us to wait until 6-9 months. I'm so fine with that :) Next appointment is 6 months!

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Misty said...

I love this picture of Molly, and her rosy glow!

Can't believe our babies are growing so fast. :(