Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of Preschool : 2011

So I just searched my blog for a "first day of school" post from last year and I never did one! I'm horrible!!! Well...here we are, September 2011 and Emma's first day of school is today. She is going back to the preschool she went to last year, First Baptist Weekday Preschool in downtown Raleigh. She is in the 3's class with Miss Sarah. Above you will see my comparison of Emma on her first day of school in 2010 and first day of school, today, 2011. Pretty cute, huh? Tim and I went together to drop her off this morning. She is still very shy and apprehensive--and "nervous"--her word, not mine. BUT...we walked in, she washed her hands, checked in to the classroom by tracing her name,

putting her back pack in her cubby and going to the table to play with play dough. She enjoyed seeing some familiar faces from her class last year--I think that helped with her anxiety level. Best of all...when it came time for a kiss and hug goodbye, she didn't cry! That is HUGE....now, I can't promise she didn't start crying when we walked out of the room--but as long as I was within ear shot--no tears :)

I'm so proud of my Emma Grace! I pray she has a wonderful first day of preschool!

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