Friday, November 18, 2011

4 year check up

Today was Emma's 4 year check up. She was dramatic....

On the way to the doctor in the car she was talking regarding going to the doctor. She said that "her tummy and bottom say no"...I'm thinking she had butterflies in her tummy (not sure what was going on in her bottom though). She has a way with words!

She is looking good. I did talk to the doctor about her shyness/anxiety in social situations and we got a referral to a psychologist--we'll see how that goes. I just want her to enjoy life and thrive and right now I feel like that is getting in the way. They wanted to do a vision and hearing test--both of which Emma would not cooperate we will do that next year. They did take blood and she did get one shot (the flu shot)...enter the drama. I wouldn't expect anything less...hahaha.

Here are her stats at 4 years:
43.5 lbs
41.5 "

Here are her stats in years past.

As far as 4 year old Emma--she's a delight. She is so smart, funny, outgoing, quirky, loves to draw/color, loves her sister (but not all the time), is so creative, enjoys playing by herself, still has a love for music and animals and has the biggest, brightest eyes first thing in the morning.

I love you are a shining light in this world. Your family loves you so much!

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