Thursday, November 10, 2011

-photo dump randomness-

On this day 4 years ago I was blissfully unaware I would go into labor at 35 weeks in 2 days...crazy. I have lots of my-first-baby-is-about-to-be-4-years-old thoughts swirling around in my head...BUT, since that isn't for another 2's some photos.

My second baby :)
My first baby :)
This is the chicken that lives a few houses down from us--she's sweet.
Molly is loving her floor time. Rolling, close to scooting...she would almost rather be on the floor then held sometimes. Love it!
Emma photo bomb...
I posted this picture on FB (I post most pictures on FB..haha) and my captions was, "Molly has a neck!"...but it's true. I don't think I have ever seen it before this picture was taken without smooshing up her chin to clean it. Ha!
Halloween...Emma was Bat Girl and Molly was a skeleton. Here they are with their cousins: Jack, Matt and Lorelei. Cute bunch, huh? All we are missing are cousins Noah and Amelia.
Molly cut her two bottom teeth...
Sweet sisters at the park on a pretty fall day. I love my girls and the time I get with them!

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GinH said...

lol @ Emma photo bomb. love these!