Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

aahhhh.....Christmas 2011.....full of fun, family, food and firsts (for Molly at least) :)

Every year is the same...we start out Christmas Eve day with my mom and sisters and then finish off the day with Tim's mom and family. We headed over to Aunt Jess' in the morning for some cousin time. All that was missing was Aunt B and her crew. Jess' house has some great light for some great photos. Here is our morning in pictures...

Aunt Jess's tree

L to R: Jack, Molly, Emma, Matt and Lorelei....cousins!

The crew. Sweet bunch, huh?

Molly's first ever present...she didn't get it...but Emma was more than happy to help her little sister out.

Emma's doll from Aunt B!

You want to know what's fun? The post present opening playing with of all the toys...that's what's fun!

Gram (my mom) got Emma and Lorelei matching outfits. Aren't they cute?!

Molly snuggles for Gram! About the only way she will let anyone else hold her these days...when she's sleeping! I pray she grows out of that quickly.

Cookie making time. This is the first time we made cookies for Santa with the kids....I'm sure it will be a new tradition. They LOVED it!

After Jess' house we packed up our goodies and headed to Tim's mom's (Mooma) house. After singing happy birthday to Jesus, Uncle Bill read from Luke 2.

...and we opened presents there too...

oh...what's this...Santa came to Mooma's house a day early?....what could be under this sheet?

It's a pink pedal car!!!!!!!
~side story--we were in Tuesday Morning several weeks ago and there was this pedal car. Emma HAD to HAVE it! I have never seen her beg for something in a store like she begged for this...note to self. So...Christmas comes around and Emma decides to ask Santa for the pedal car...and wouldn't you know it but Tim's mom found one on Craigslist! Pretty cool, huh?

It's cute...not exactly the plasma car that all the other kids got this year for Christmas...but it's cute. I can picture a photo shoot using it as a prop right now, though :)

Then Christian took Emma on a ride in his Hummer....which went a little faster than the pedal car.

The kids played while the adults played Wheel of Fortune on the Wii :)

Then it was time to head home to tuck ourselves snugly in bed...and wait for Santa.

....who came!!!

Emma and Molly Christmas morning 2011

What a perfect Christmas all around. God's blessing and provision was seen in wonderful ways and I feel so blessed to be sharing this time with my sweet family and my two most favorite girls in the world.

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas celebrating Jesus' birth!

...when Love came down...

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