Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gram's Hot Fudge

Gram, my mom, makes this hot fudge every Christmas. It is SO good! She got the recipe from her mom (Kitty Grandma) who got the recipe from Malley's Chocolates located in Cleveland, OH. From looking online it looks like it's a pretty top secret recipe.
I was finally smart enough to ask her for the recipe this year. I was surprised at how simple it is.

The ingredients are:
Baker's un-sweet chocolate (although I used semi-sweet. Mom says un-sweet makes it more chewy and semi-sweet makes it more runny)
Karo syrup
evaporated milk

~melt one box of the chocolates and one stick of butter in a double boiler

~until smooth...

~add 1/4 C Karo syrup

~then slowly add 3 C sugar...emphasis on the SLOWLY...if you add it too fast it will get all clumpy and hard to stir

~after the sugar is all incorporated, add the can of evaporated milk

~stir until well blended and the sugar is all dissolved--this process takes a while. Go ahead and get your ice cream out and ready in the mean time

I recommend Edy's Peppermint ice cream...but really, anything will do.

This hot fudge makes a great gift OR a good staple to keep in the fridge to top your ice cream!

1 box Baker's un-sweet chocolate squares for more chewy hot fudge or use the semi-sweet for more runny hot fudge
1 stick unsalted butter
1/4C white Karo syrup
3C granulated sugar
1 can evaporated milk

Melt the chocolate and the stick of butter until well blended. Add the Karo syrup until blended. Slowly add the 3 cups of sugar until it is all incorporated. Add the can of evaporated milk. Stir the fudge until the milk is all mixed in. Keep it on the double boiler until all the sugar is dissolved and it is smooth.

Top your favorite ice cream with it and store it in the fridge.

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