Thursday, December 22, 2011

Look what I made...birds nest necklace!

I am a part of a mommy group. We all met when we were pregnant with our November 2007 babies (although Emma was a December 2007 baby) and have been friends ever since. A group of us did a "12 days of Christmas" swap this year. There were so many ladies that wanted to participate we did 3 groups of 8 for 8 days we got to open a special hand-made gift (except for our own day). I was day #7. Here is a link to the blog if you want to see what the other lades made (I made out!).

I had about a million ideas thanks to Pinterest--but decided on these sweet birds nest necklaces. I used this tutorial as my guide and went for it. I was surprised at how easy and fun they were! Here is the finished product. I shipped each of these off to 7 special mama friends--their own little birds nest to adorn their necks.

Aren't they just adorable?

...Really....the possibilities are endless when it comes to the color wire you use, the size wire, the color beads, the size beads, the number of beads....then the chain.....endless I say!

I especially loved how I packaged them up. Little tins with clear tops. I cut a brown lunch bag into strips and crinkled it up...looked like a little nest for a nest.

I'm working on some to give as Christmas gifts now...I could make these all day! You should try to make some.

They're sweet and simple. Have fun!

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