Monday, December 19, 2011

good lighting is hard to find

We got amazing natural light in our old condo. We had two story tall windows and the light that poured in was wonderful. I never had to use my flash on the camera. I was sad to move and lose all that amazing natural light...but...

I am realizing that my house has GREAT lighting in the afternoon....check out these pictures I got the other day. These are straight out of the camera with no flash...pretty good, huh?

And aren't my "subjects" pretty cute?

Molly has my EXACT, it's sort of exactly alike they are...I should do a comparison...

...and this picture is just one of my faves right now. I love the bokeh tree behind Molly, her paci face...the edit...I just love everything about it :)
...and here's a video: Molly clapping, Emma singing and Molly doing her rocking-head banging thing she likes to do on the sofa.

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