Monday, May 21, 2012

Artsplosure and B-day Party

We had such a good weekend.  First we went to Artsplosure and then to Christian's birthday party!  

Tim was working so it was just the girls and I for Artsplosure.  It's held in the heart of downtown Raleigh and is full of amazing art work.  The girls and I had fun leisurely walking the streets and occasionally stopping at vendors.  I would say the most fun was when we found a shady spot in the grass right by the stage.  The band was singing old hymns with their own twist on them.  One person was playing the banjo and another the violin.  It was great.  They finished up their time in stage with "I'll Fly Away".  This song is one of my top 3 most favorite hymns of all time.  It was SO awesome.  Emma and Molly enjoyed it, too, and even danced a little.  I also got to see my old art teacher, Bob Rankin.  He is well known in Raleigh and surrounding areas for his artwork.  I actually have two of his pieces hanging in our kitchen.  One was a wedding gift and the other was a house-warming gift. 
Here is an area where they put up some plastic sheets with holes in them.  They provided strips of fabric for the kids to weave in and out of the holes.  The work in progress was just so cool and beautiful.  This has given me some inspiration for something to do in the girls room--we'll see if I follow through with it.

Emma contributing to the piece of art!

A paper flower

The band I was telling you about.

So we were just sitting there enjoying the music when an older lady came up and offered to take our picture.  It was very sweet.

Such a beauty!
 After a nap at home it was time to head over to Aunt Debbie and Uncle Bill's house for Christian's 6th birthday party!  He had a bounce house, bubble machine, sno-cone maker and pinata!  It was like a mini carnival.  Debbie did such a good job with the party!

What's a summer party without watermelon?

I love her face in this picture!

As you can see in the picture above, there were quite a few other kids at the party.  Emma didn't want to go in the bounce house while they were all in there.  When it was time for the pinata, she jumped (hardy har har) on the opportunity to get in there with nobody else in there.  She loved it!

The adults knocking the kids out of the way for some candy.

Molly and Zack

Molly didn't want to miss out on the bounce house fun.


What a great weekend.  Our weekends are pretty slow paced, so to have a weekend with a few things to do was fun!  I love getting out in to our city and exploring.  Raleigh really is a great place to live!

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