Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June 2012

So, can I make up for over a month of not blogging in one blog post?
Here is the month of June 2012...in a nut shell.

A trip to Shelley Lake to feed ducks

My old boss and dear friend, Jodee, got these bloomers for Emma when she was still in my tummy...here is Molly sporting the "Drew" bloomers :)

Aunt B, Noah and Amelia were here for June.  Here are Molly and Amelia taking a nap together.

Molly has started to really take an interest in coloring.  She will squiggle something and then point at it and get her face really close to it and say something in Molly-talk.  It's pretty adorable.

So we moved...again...but this time to our very own townhouse.  Tim and I bought this townhouse 10 years ago at the ripe old ages of 24 and 21.  We've rented it out for 9 of those years and decided to move back in.  My mom and I painted this faux tile back splash.  After 9 years of being a rental, it still looks pretty good.  We have some big plans for this place...more on that later.

This is the space under the stairs.  I'm really happy with the way it looks :)

Emma and Noah

I got a ring sling for Molly...she loves it...and I love it, too!

How cute is this sweet girl?!

this one too...

I took this picture of Emma after I straightened her hair one day.  I am in love with it.  I love her sweet smile, her eyes, the way she looks with straight hair...everything!

Miss my sister so much already.  She left this morning for Japan.

Amelia and Molly--9 months later

My dad with all his grands.  What a good looking group, huh?
Speaking of my dad, he has started his own blog.  It's all about his poodle, Gypsy...check it out!  He would love to have some visitors :)

Emma and Molly and their beloved Mooma and Doodad.

Matt helping the kids cool off on a hot day!


Noah and the ladies :)
We had a good June.  Busy...but good.  Summer break, moving, house guests, Aunt B and Co., swimming, parks, un-packing, etc.  It was fun!  I think we are all ready to feel settled and to get back into a routine at our new place.

You can go back and read this post about my feelings on Aunt B going back to Japan...I can pretty much say "ditto".  It's hard to say goodbye.  It was a fun month.  I know it was sort of hard on her...but I hope she knows how loved she and her kiddlets are.  I cherish the time I get with them!

Well...tomorrow is Independence Day.  We are thinking of taking Emma and Molly to see fireworks.  Both girls first time seeing them.  Crazy, I know.  Maybe I will do a post on that...or if anything, a post sooner than a month from now.


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Mom said...

Such a sweet way to sum up a month. You are such a talented photographer! My little family is so sweet!