Friday, September 16, 2011

why does Japan have to be so far away?

I'm having a hard time see, my sister left yesterday to go back home to Japan after being here for around 6 months. I am having an even harder time then I had after this visit. This most recent visit was so special because Bryn and I were literally right down the hall from one another in the same condo complex for the majority of the time. We were pregnant together and both added baby #2 to our families while they were here. We shared maternity clothes and took belly photos of each other. We complained to each other about this parasite in our bodies and what it was doing to us and then rejoiced with one another when that parasite came out as a perfect, sweet, bundle of joy. We both had the ups and downs of post partum hormones and were there to lift one another up when one of us needed it. We brought/made/ordered (thank you Raleigh dinner for the other when the baby was nursing all evening/night and the toddler had not eaten or had a bath and it was 9:00 p.m. I can't count how many times Bryn would come down to my place, feed Emma and give her a bath (when I was busy with Molly)--that meant more to me than she knows! We were there for each other when the tears flowed because going from one to two kids is hard. Emma loved to be able to walk out our door without having to put on shoes, run down the hall and be at Aunt B's house to play with Noah. We spent so much time together when she was here. On days I didn't work we would hang out. On days I worked, we would call one another around dinner time to see what the other was having--usually I would walk down to her place and we would work it out. I got so use to it--seeing her, Noah and Amelia almost daily. Chatting with her on the computer once all the kids had gone to bed--even though we were just a few steps away from each other. Watching Noah for her when she had to run an errand.

She was a part of my every day life...

Now she is gone. She is in Japan. Emma's playmate is gone...

We can't just walk down to Aunt B's house (Japan is a little far). We can't go swimming together, go to the park together, eat dinner together. This is strange...and it will take a while to adjust.

Molly and Amelia are 14 weeks apart in age. The closest in age of all the cousins. Right now when you look at them it seems like a big difference--but in a few months, it won't seem that way. I'm going to miss them spending their first few years growing up together--becoming BFF's. But I have a feeling next time B comes in to town Molly and Amelia are going to have a great time getting to know one another.


I will survive...

She is back with her husband (where she belongs) and Noah has his daddy back. Amelia has been introduced to her daddy and I'm sure it was sweet. I will miss my sister but I'm sure she was missed by her husband even more--and boy did she miss him!

I will cherish this time we spent together. This past visit we grew so close and I'm so thankful for that!

Here is a photo we took the night before she left. It's all the cousins:
Noah, Amelia, Emma, Molly, Lorelei, Jack and Matt

How cute are they?

Until next time....Aunt B!

We love you!

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GinH said...

:( this makes me so sad! I would miss my sister SO much.

...going from one to two... are you taking notes for me??? :)