Thursday, July 26, 2012

Molly's 15 month appt.

Molly had her 15 month appointment yesterday.  It went great...if you consider Molly crying the whole time great.  Hahaha....well, she only cried while the doctor was IN the room, during the exam and during the shots.  The whole time she was pointing to the door wanting to leave.  She's so cute :)

Making sure big sis is okay :)

I had my list in my head of the few things I wanted to talk to the doctor about.  We discussed Molly's soft spot which is still very much open and this breath-holding/passing out cry she does occasionally when she hurts herself.  The doctor assured me Molly is just fine and a bit dramatic. 

Here are Molly's official 15 month stats:
24.9 lbs. up 1.3 lbs from 1 year
30.3/4 inches tall
47 head circ.

Here is a link to Emma's 15 month post.   Molly is 3.6 lbs. lighter and a quarter of an inch shorter.  It's fun to see how they are growing and developing so differently. 

Molly's not walking...but she's doing this:

She is pulling up and cruising.  Emma didn't walk until she was 16 months old.  Molly actually crawled a whole two months after Emma crawled--so I'm not holding my breath for Molly to walk any time soon.  Molly is doing great communicating (even though she doesn't have many words) and being receptive to everything we say.  She loves poking food with a fork and feeding herself.  

Her next appointment is the 18 month appointment.  The doctor will re-check her soft spot...and until then, I will put her in a helmet.  Hahaha...kidding :)  

Love you my Molly-bear! 

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