Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Church and I....we haven't gotten along in a few years.  Why you ask...because a shy little girl named Emma came in to our lives.  I avoided church because my baby hated the nursery.  It was a vicious cycle.  The less we exposed her to church, the least likely it was for her to get use to it, in turn making it harder for us to go.  So, we would go here and there always keeping Emma with us in the service.  We would try to leave her, she would cry and we would get her.  It doesn't help that we would go from church to church--looking for who knows what.  For something to click in Emma that this really was fun?  For somebody to hold our hands while we walk through this difficult (to us) time?  Emma would see different faces when we went.  We never gave her the opportunity to make friends.  To "warm up" to the nursery workers and Sunday school teachers. 

...and we became more and more disconnected from Church.  It became easier and easier not to go.  Sunday morning would roll around, we would find something else to do and our week would continue on.  Without Church.  
Without my girls hearing about Jesus.
Having a missed opportunity for the girls to hear the Good News.

There is one person in our life who holds us accountable when we don 't go to church.  She calls every Sunday and asks.  She's the only one who holds our feet to the fire.  She reminds me that "time is of the essence" with my girls--for them to know Jesus.  

It got me thinking.  I grew up in the church.  I loved going Sunday mornings to see my friends, doodle on the church bulletin during the service and maybe sneak some doughnuts from the Fellowship Hall.  Once I got older and was in youth group, Church was all about my social interactions with my peers.  Sure we sang some songs and talked about God...but that wasn't why I was going.  I never felt that deep connection to Jesus.  Never felt moved by the Holy Spirit.  It wasn't until my early 20's--after I left the church--that my soul started to desire more.  God placed the people in my path that He did for a reason.  He used them to make me a child of His.  That's when my connection with Jesus started.  It didn't start in church.  

Maybe that's why it didn't seem so pressing to me at the time.  To get Emma and Molly in to church.  To give them all the opportunities this life has to give to hear the Gospel.  The Gospel wasn't real to me until my 20's.  That's not fair to them.  I know plenty of Christians who were saved at a young age.  Just because it happened for me in my 20's doesn't mean that's how their story will play out.  They are my responsibility.  God gave them to Tim and I and it is up to us to teach them about Him. 

So you know what happened this weekend?

Tim and I decided we were going to try a church that is pretty close to our house.  It's actually one we have gone to off and on for years and years but this is a new location for them.  It actually meets at our old high school.  This is the church where I was baptized and where Emma was dedicated.  We really do feel most connected with this church.  I was talking with Emma on Saturday and told her we were going to try this church.  I asked her if she would like to go check out the Sunday school class instead of sitting in church with us. 

...and you know what she said.  She said, "Sure, I would like to go to Sunday school."

I wasn't sure how to respond.  I gathered my jaw up off the floor and went with it.  She got more and more excited about it the more we talked.  Sunday morning we woke up and headed to church.  We walked right in, checked Emma in and walked her to the room.  After a hug and a kiss goodbye, Molly (yes, Molly...she's next in line for nursery though love), Tim and I headed for church.  

An hour later...Emma is telling Tim and I how "awesome" Sunday school was and that she "wants to go every week!"  She told us all about what she learned and the friends she made.  You should have seen the grin on my face.  

I have a feeling this is the start of something good...

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