Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Molly

Molly turned two yesterday.  

When did we go from this:

....to this:

I blinked and she's not a baby anymore.  She is a little girl.  With likes, dislikes, independence (but not too much), talents, brains, tricks...and she's pretty cute, too.   The baby stuff in our house is being replaced with Barbies, Lego's, and baby dolls.  The crib is gone.  The potty seat is being pulled out.

And while I sit here and look back at those brand new baby photos, I don't miss it.  I loved it then and am loving, even more, the little 2 year old I have now.

Happy Birthday (yesterday), Molly Elizabeth!  
We love you so much and love the little girl you are becoming.

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