Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cruisin' in 2012

Tim and I love going on cruises.  Our first cruise was in 2007 when I was three months pregnant with Emma.  Not something we would normally do, but some family were going so we figured it would be fun to try it out--we were hooked!  We went to a few places in the Western Caribbean and loved it.  We booked our second cruise pretty much the minute we got home from the first one.  The second cruise Emma was around 6 months old (May 2008) and we went to the Eastern Caribbean.  This one was way more exotic and tropical than the Western.  It was amazing.  Our third cruise was a short one to the Bahamas and Emma was a year and a half (May 2009).  Right around the age Molly is now. 

Three years later we got around to booking our fourth cruise.  This time we went to Nassau, Bahamas and Half Moon Cay.  It was a short one--but fun!  All of our previous cruises had been in the spring (April/May).  This one was in September.  Apparently September is peak hurricane season--hence the great rates we got....BUT...the Lord blessed us with good weather and barely any storms.  I did get some awesome ocean storm photos and some neat sunset photos. 

The day before we left for the cruise Molly was coughing and wheezing a little so I decided to take her in to the doctor just to get her checked out.  We walked out of the doctors office (the day before vacation) with a prescription for antibiotics--for the ear infection she found, a prescription for steroids--to clear out whatever was in her chest aaaaannnnnd, a nebulizer--for breathing treatments every 4 hours! read that right.....

So Wednesday afternoon we loaded in the car, nebulizer and all, and headed for Savannah.  We stayed in a hotel in Savannah Wednesday night to break up the drive.  At that point Emma would have been happy enough to turn around Thursday morning and drive home.  She had tons of fun in the hotel (she's a cheap date). 

Little did she know what was in store for her on Thursday when we drove the rest of the way to Port Canaveral and hopped on board the Carnival Ecstasy! 

The excitement I saw in Emma made the whole trip worth it.  The entire time we were on vacation she was so happy and thankful to Tim and I for bringing her to such a fun place.  It was so sweet! 

 Everywhere you turn on the ship there is girls love music!  

Nassau, Bahamas
A few games of shuffle board were played

Half Moon Cay

The storm...pretty cool from the ship
A game of putt putt or two were played

This sunset was pretty amazing
Our only family photo that was taken...I'll take it

All in all it was a great trip--considering Molly being sick and Emma getting Molly's cold the day we left for the cruise.  The kids didn't last long off the ship in either of the ports.  That's why most of my pictures are on the ship.  Oh...and it didn't help that I forgot the stroller.  Next cruise we plan to bring Tim's parents with us.  It's nice to have that extra pair of hands to help with the kids and give you a break.  I'm super thankful we were even able to go on a vacation and happy we did it.  These days vacations aren't as easy to come by as they were several years ago.  I'm thankful for the memories we created for Emma.  Molly won't remember it--but Emma will.  Traveling as a family of 4 is way different than traveling as a family of three.  Tim and I have made a mental check list of what to do different next time.  This was a good learning experience :)

The ship returned to Port Canaveral on Monday and we drove the whole way home instead of splitting up the drive that day.  The girls did great!  We were all very happy to get home and stretch our legs.  Tuesday (yesterday) I took Molly in to her doctor for a re-check of her chest and ears.  Her chest was pretty much clear, but wouldn't you know it she has a double ear infection!  Emma was with me so I had the doc check her out--ear infection for the EGD, too.  Not one complaint out of my Emma about her ear hurting.  Even more reason for me to be super thankful for such well behaved kids while out of town.   

Like I said--it was a great trip.  We're already talking about booking our next one :)  Just need to get Tim's parents on board (literally)! 

Here is a link to about a million more pictures:


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